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REM has built it’s reputation on placing impact professionals who continue to pay long term dividends and enhance the professional image our client companies wish to project. “People don’t leave companies for other companies, people leave poor managers.” If you think your company is immune to this, think again.

Even the most successful companies have struggled to identify, attract and retain emotionally intelligent managers who strive to master the art of driving projects, programs, departments and divisions to sustained success in today’s competitive marketplace.

It is well known that the highest IQ will not necessarily accompany the individual best suited for success in a given management role.

The ability to understand the emotions of people and to act accordingly to positively influence and motivate others will maximize one’s prospects for success.

The signature traits of an emotionally intelligent manager also include team building, mentoring, self regulation and the ability to hire related to disciplines inside and outside their own sphere of expertise and knowledge.

Our careful research to find the right candidate for your needs cuts waste, improves productivity and ultimately increases your profits.

We look forward to the opportunity of demonstrating our proven skills to your firm.

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